Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Lilian made an order 2 days ago for 50 cupcakes and a 7" inch Cake for his male staff's birthday.  As it was quite a short notice, I asked if Lilian has any special request for Henry, the birthday guy. At first , Lilian said the design is all up to me as she also has no idea what Henry likes :)

After putting down the phone, Lilian called back to informed me that the ladies staffs in the office came up with a request to have some 'sexy bikinis' and 'G-strings' for Henry........LOL, and so these are the cupcakes made for Henry.

Happy Birthday, Henry, hope you like the cupcakes made by Cupcakes Fairytale and ordered by your manageress , Ms Lilian .........:)

Vanilla & Chocolate cupcakes
Deco : Buttercream frosting with Chocolate Rice &  fondant

Special request by customer
Sexy Bikinis and G-Strings for the birthday guy

As for the 7" inches birthday cake, Lilian suggested that she wanted something not so sweet and with fruits would be good, therefore I made her a 'Fresh Cream Strawberry Continental Layer Cake with Chocolate Rice topping'.

Fresh Cream Strawberry Continental Layer Cake