Wednesday, September 1, 2010


celebration CAKEs:-

(A) Fairytale Flavours
(1) Butter / Pound Cake (Vanilla/ Marble/ Orange / Lemon) – RM65 per /kg
(2) Sponge Cake (Vanilla/ Chocolate/ Marble/ Lemon / Orange) – RM60 per /kg
(3) Chiffon Cake (Pandan/ Chocolate/ Orange / Lemon) – RM60 per/kg

(B) *Celebration Premium Fairytale Flavours :-
(1) Carrot / Banana Walnut Cake – RM70 per /kg (minimum 1.5kg)
(2) Rich Chocolate Moist Cake – RM70 per/kg (minimum 1.5kg)
(3) Rich Kahlua Mocha Cake – RM75 per /kg
(4) Red velvet Cake - RM75 per/kg
(5) Black Forest Cake – RM70 per/kg
(6) Fresh Cream Cocktail Cake - RM70 per /kg
(7) Rum & Raisins Butter Cake - RM75 per/kg

Frosting charges : -  (a) Crusted Buttercream / Fresh Cream - add RM3 per/kg
                                (b) Rich Cream Cheese - add RM5 per/kg
                                (c) Chocolate Ganache – add RM5 per/kg
                                (d) Fondant covered design – depending on the complexity of the design

(C) Cheesecake Flavors :-
(1) Japanese Cottonsoft Cheesecake – RM70 per /kg
(2) Butter Cream Cheese Baked Cheesecake - RM75 per /kg 
(3) Oreo Cookies & Cream Cheesecake - RM80 per/kg
(4) Rich Marble Baked Cheesecake - RM75.00 per/kg

(C) Edible Icing Images
* All printings of Edible Icing Images are done by a third party, therefore there will be an additional charge of RM25.00 per image.
** If you would like to have the celebrant’s face printed in the image, an additional charge of RM5.00 will be added for ‘special heavy editing’ = RM30.00

The size of a full ‘standing’ doll is ±12” inches in height and ±9” inches in diameter for the rim of the skirt.

(1) Buttercream frosting – RM120.00 onwards, depending on the complexity of the designs
(2) Fondant covered design – RM140.00 onwards, depending on the complexity of the designs

Pricing  - Please be informed that this is only an guideline of the pricing of our menu. The final pricing varies between each quotation, as it will be based on the complexity of the design, special request eg: packaging, presentation and others. Please kindly call / email or leave a comment here for a quotation........We are happy to provide you a quotation for your planning without any obligation.

Thank you!