Wednesday, September 1, 2010


(1) Cupcakes
Size and minimum order : -       
(1) Standard - 2.5” inch (minimum 16pcs per tray)
(2) Medium – 2.0” inch (minimum 25pcs per tray)
(3) Munchies – 1.75” inch (minimum 50pcs per tray) (*Only available for Frosting option)

(A) Fairytale Flavours :-        
(1) Pure Vanilla / Vanilla Choc-Chips
(2) Chocolate
(3) Orange / Lemon w/o Choc Chips
(4) Mocha / Coffee
(5) Blueberry / Strawberry / Kiwi Swirl

(B) Premium Fairytale Flavours (Additional of a minimal charge):-
(1) Banana / Carrot Walnut
(2) Oreo Cookies & Cream
(3) Truly Butterscotch
(4) Lemon Poppy Seeds
(5) Green Tea Mixed Fruits
(6) ~New~ Almond / Hazelnut Chocolate       
(7) ~New~ Rum & Raisins
(8) ~New~ Banana Chocolate Swirl

Pricing - Kindly call / email or leave a comment here to ask for a quotation........We are happy to provide you our service and quote, without any obligation. Please kindly be informed that prices can vary between each quotation as all prices quoted will be based solely on the finalization of the complexity of the design, special request eg: packaging, labeling and presentation and etc ~

"Let ME be a part of your fairytale, I promise a happily ever after"