Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Congratulations on your new arrival!!! oh yes! This is the first cake I baked for a 'Baby's Arrival' and I must thank ed my dear niece who ordered this from me a early of the month as she would like to congratulate her good friend, Yee Mingjer, on her new baby girl (Carol) 's arrival into this world.
I was having a very different kind of feeling this time when I was decorating the cake, that kind of feeling is so special....baking for a baby.......LOL. Anyway, I hope Mingjer & her Hubby and her baby girl will love this cake, although baby can't get to taste it yet...... :P

Vanilla Bean Sponge Cake with Rich Butter icing + a bit of fondant wordings
.........and lastly, thank you to you my dear niece, Siew Yee for the order!! xoxo