Saturday, December 18, 2010


Ahmed Farouk is my long term primary school mate. Just recently, a month ago, Monica Chong ordered an Ultraman Cake for his nephew's birthday and the cake was posted in Cupcakes Fairytale's Facebook page.
Ahmed Farouk saw it and sent a message to request for this cake on his son, Daani's 4th birthday on 18th Dec. Although Farouk was based in Kuala Lumpur, he has no doubt commissioning Cupcakes Fairytale to get this project done for his beloved son......and we are honoured to have that opprotunity.

Farouk ordered a 'Chocolate Moist Cake' with the main theme - Ultraman on it.

 Happy birthday to you, Daani!!

8" inches - Chocolate Moist Cake with Ganache frosting
Deco : Multicoloured Sprinklers , Toasted Almond Nibs and fondant balls