Sunday, January 16, 2011


2.5" inch cupcakes - Mocha Coffee

Bernadine from Kuala Lumpur, ordered these set of birthday cupcakes for her mother's birthday (16/1/2011). Please don't get me wrong, at present Cupcakes Fairytale does not have a branch in KL, nor do we provide delivery service to KL or any place outside of Kota Kinabalu.
However, Bernadine is a great supporter from KL, she first tried our cupcakes in Christmas last year when she was back to KK for holiday. After the first bite, she fell in love with Cupcakes Fairytale's cuppies. According to Bernadine, she is a big fan of cupcakes , and she has tried a lot of the KL cupcakes outlets, and found that she is only paying for the design, but when it comes to the cake, it's so 'dry' and 'coarse' and has 'no taste'.
Cupcakes Fairytale's cupcakes does not only make her money worth for the designs, but the cake tastes great and its moist, and that is why Bernadine is willing to order her cupcakes all the way from KK, and she arranges her own 'hand-carry' transporter personally. Cupcakes Fairytale felt really 'honoured' and a saying it a hundred times......A big 'THANK YOU' to you, Bernadine for your great support !!

This pic is courtesy from Bernadine
This pic is courtesy from Bernadine

Happy Birthday Aunty!!