Sunday, March 20, 2011


Vanilla Bean Pound Cake with Cream Cheese Filling
It gives me great pleasure to design, create and share my creativity to the one who is celebrating their birthday, just like I did to Georgina Peter's niece, CAROLINE. I'm happy to receive all the warm 'thank yous' from you, Georgina praising me for my great creation on the birthday cake.

I must say "Thank you" to you instead, for giving me the honour to create and bake for Caroline on her 10th birthday. I truly believe that sometimes, you might be flooded with lots of ideas, but if there wasn't an order from you, when will I get the chance to create and implement the ideas I have? So, thanks to you , Georgina and of course, to ALL OF YOU who has ever ordered from me, entrusting me with such a great mission that I am able to 'grow and flourish' from there.....Cheers!!

And so, this was a birthday cake that I made commissioned by Georgina for Caroline , her niece who is celebrating her 10th birthday on the 19th March. According to Georgina, Caroline is just like any other girl, favourite colour is still 'Pink', but Georgina was not really sure what she likes, as they have met for quite sometime, therefore the design was all 'up to me' though Georgina did requested for the 'SMILEY' cupcakes as that was one of Caroline's favourite.

Happy 10th Birthday , Caroline !!