Wednesday, July 6, 2011


2" inch Chocolate Cupcakes with fondant 2D and 3D designs
6th of July is the birthday of Paula's little girl, JANICE! She is 9 years old and according to Paula, she is not going to celebrate her birthday this year because it happens that her school examination falls on the same time......poor girl :(

However, Paula decided to make it all up to her by ordering these cute cupcakes from us to let her give it to her good friends in school during her birthday, and also a very small celebration at home with her family.

Janice's favourite cartoon are "My Melody, Winnie The Pooh and Kerropi".....and we did just that for her to make her wish come true........

Paula also ordered these cupcakes to be packed into a gift box as Janice will bring them to school to give out to her friends. So, CF specially design and made the gift tags for the packaging to match the theme of the cupcakes, hope Janice likes it :)

Happy 9th Birthday Janice!!