Monday, August 8, 2011


 A sneak-peek @ Cupcakes Fairytale's Kitchen

It's the most interesting birthday project so far, I must say......for Cupcakes Fairytale....Yeah, its is!!! Emelda Shabelle made an order about 3 weeks ago for this 'ELMO" theme party for his 2 year old cute little son's birthday....Aaron Danne!! Aaron is a big fan of Sesame Street's ELMO and no doubt, you will agree with me when you read on .....LOL....he is just so C.U.T.E!!!

2.5kg OREO Cookies & Cream cake with rich C&C filling and crusted buttercream frosting with custom-made fondant design

Aaron's mum ordered an 'Elmo' theme cake , some 'Elmo' Sugar Fondant Cookies and also 'Elmo' Cake Pops to match up the theme. I could imagine that this is an awesome jolly fun party for the young and old too.

For your information, this is the first 'official' order that CF took for Cake Pops.....and it looks like, we are into it!! It's fun to make, though a little messy and tedious too......but the outcome it superb and really satisfying......I bet everyone loves it!! Seeing the little Elmo's head on the lollipop stick........^_^

Don't they all look cute....singing the Sesame Street song to you.........

All Cake pops are packed and ready to go!
Our CF's popular 'Sugar Fondant Cookies'
All 'Elmo' Sugar Fondant Cookies are packed and attached with a specially custom-made gift tag

Happy 2nd Birthday to Aaron Danne, have a jolly ELMO day!!