Saturday, March 31, 2012


2kg -2 tier Oreo Cookies & Cream flavoured cake with buttercream filling
and full fondant covered cake with custom-made designs
It's a baby boy's first birthday!! I would have guessed that all parents will be having a great fantastic plans for their baby's 1st birthday bash.I'm a mother myself, and I totally understand that , haha, I'm still having a lot of plans for my kids birthday each year :)

Sharon had made this wonderfully cute 'Mickey Mouse' Playhouse theme order of birthday cake, cupcakes and sugar fondant cookies for her son, ELVIS's who will be celebrating his 1st birthday on the 31st March at Mayflower Restaurant (Actual day is 1st April) one month earlier. She came to see me and we discuss about the design and the theme and all the other arrangements, and I'm happy to receive this this is my first 'full theme' Mickey Mouse Playhouse project! I'm so excited!!

As Sharon chosed to keep all the Mickey Mouse & friends figurines, I suggested the non-edible figurines instead :)
Besides the 2-tier theme cake, Sharon also ordered 20pcs of 2D- Mickey & Minnie Mouse cupcakes and also 20pcs of Vanilla Sugar Fondant Cookies with Mickey and Minnie Mouse theme for the kids to bring home.

I had really had a great time creating this cake and hope Little Elvis boy will love this cake and all the other preps that his mother, Sharon has ordered for him :)

Happy 1st Birthday ELVIS!!

Baby Elvis and his mummy, Sharon