Wednesday, July 20, 2011


"Is it a plane? NO! Is it Superman? NO!! What's that? It's the Angry Birds!!""
Well, it's the talk of the town nowadays, I would say no one wouldn't say they have not heard of "Angry Birds"before..........well, I didn't know about them until my Hubby downloaded their phone game and my kids, especially my little girl, Angel, got obsessed with it.

She loves the 'red bird' and talked her daddy into buying her a 'red Angry bird' soft toy so she can cuddle to sleep at night........and she got it! Then, she also persuaded me to make these Sugar Fondant Cookies for her......well, FYI, you can find these cookies in our Cupcakes Fairytale menu now and also, we have it at sell at "Clarence Home Grill Steakhouse @ Lintas Plaza too, if you are interested, check it out or call US!

Are you game for ANGRY BIRDS??