Saturday, March 3, 2012


It's March 3, 2012....(03/03/12) nice number eh....and today is Little Westley Boy's 1st birthday. He is my Hubby's cousin nephew...if I'm getting the connection right, hehe, anyway......I'm honoured to be making and designing his first birthday cake for him, upon his Mummy's request - Jenny Liau.

According to Jenny, he doesn't have any particular favourites among toys yet, therefore, there wouldn't be so much of a highlight about his toys :P

However, as Jenny would like to please Westley's elder sisters and fellow friends coming to the celebration, she also ordered 15pcs of 3D 'Angry Birds' cupcakes just for the kids. As for the main birthday cake, I suggested a 'Japanese Cottonsoft Cheesecake' for the adults that is not too heavy and yet yummy, as always.......and as for the decoration, I will be making a little boy that resembles Westley with the exact outfit that he will be wearing on his birthday.......thanks to Jenny for the picture of the clothes and colours, hehe

Here's the full version of the birthday and I'm really glad to hear that Jenny said everyone  (adults and kids) loved the design and the cakes and cupcakes.

Hey, Westley Boy........"MUAKS" from Aunty Cynthia ya.......hehe

Happy 1st birthday, Westley and God bless !!!