Monday, April 9, 2012


It is really an exciting job being a baker and a cake decorator.......I have come to realize it now that I have been baking with orders for coming to 1.5 years now. Every time I got an order, I will do all my research and homework , so that i can get the best details and information I need to create out that masterpiece of work for my customers.

Therefore, every now and then , I have also learnt to improve myself by reading more cake decorating books, watching more Youtube videos of 'How To', do a lot of blog-walking and if time permits, I try to enrol in some 'hands-on' classes too.

Well, during the Easter weekend, I have made some Sugar Cookies and decorated them with some 'wedding bliss' or 'bridal shower' theme. 

Bridal Gown
For these cookies, I have made them in two selection, where the customer can choose to have the cookie 'holed' at the corner to insert a ribbon in it, so that it can be hanged on a 'cookie tree'. The other selection, the cookie will appear as a whole cookie which will be wrapped in a a ribbon tied cookie bag.

3-tier Wedding Cake